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About St Mary’s School, Malton

St Mary’s is a Roman Catholic co-educational Voluntary Aided Primary School catering for an age range of pre-five to eleven years. It is housed in a modern building with extensive playing fields and outdoor facilities, which it shares with Malton Community Primary School. The present school building was opened officially in the autumn of 1965. An extension to the school was completed and opened in the autumn of 2001. A further extension to provide a library and increase the size of the hall opened in Easter 2009.

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum enriched with visitors, visits, events and activities to inspire in each child a joy for learning. We expect all our children to be honest, respectful and caring to others and to work hard to develop a range of skills allowing them to achieve success now and in the future.

We provide you with regular information about all aspects of school life and offer many opportunities for discussion about, and celebration of your child’s progress. Working closely together we can ensure that both you and your child have a happy time through the primary years.