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Application Procedures and Timetable

Application forms and explanatory notes for admission may be obtained from the Headteacher. Details about closing dates for return of application forms can be found in the Guide for Parents document available from the local authority. The decision to admit children in the coming school year will be made by the Governors. The LA will then communicate their decision to parents as soon as possible. Unsuccessful applicants will be given reasons related to the over subscription criteria listed above and advised of their right of appeal to an independent appeal panel.

Interviews will not be permitted as part of the admissions process.

St Mary’s does keep a ‘waiting list’ of applications for admissions. Parents may complete application forms any time after a child is born and these will be held by the school but each September intake is considered in the previous spring. No priority is given to parents based on the date order in which applications were received. Late applications for September admission may be considered if places have not been fully allocated.

The North Yorkshire County Council application form may be found at this link

Pupils with a Statement of Special Educational Needs

The admission of children with Special Educational Needs is subject to the same criteria as described in the Admissions Policy and these children are counted within the published Admission Number.