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Special Educational Needs

The Education Welfare Officer

The Education Welfare Officer (EWO) provides a valuable link between home and school and can be a great source of help to parents on all matters of welfare – free meals, financial support, family, social and emotional problems affecting the child. The EWO can be contacted through the school or 01653 696443.

Special Educational Needs

The school is committed to social inclusion and equal opportunities for all children whatever their needs. All children have the right of access to all aspects of the curriculum and the school regards it as a duty to ensure all children achieve this. We work closely with parents and children to achieve the maximum potential for every pupil. Children are assessed regularly and arrangements are made for support to be given as appropriate. This ranges from differentiated work, extra assistance in class, individual education plans, external support (if required) through to Statements of Special Educational Need. The school believes that children with exceptional ability in certain areas should also be supported and developed as they too have an individual need. The school makes use of workshops for able and gifted pupils to assist in this.

SEND Policy

SEND information report 2017

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