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Other info for parents & carers

Charges for School Activities

The School Governors have agreed that the Headteacher should be permitted to invite voluntary contributions in support of any activity organised by the school where funding is necessary: for example, swimming lessons, cookery, educational visits. Parents will be individually informed of such occasions.


Parents should note that the Local Education Authority does not provide personal accident insurance cover for children at school and, except in the case of proven negligence, no claims for compensation would be considered. It is up to the parents to arrange cover privately should they feel it is required. Parents should also note that private property belonging to staff, children or parents is not covered by insurance.

Statutory right of withdrawal

Parents are reminded that they have a statutory right to withdraw children from all or part of the religious education and collective worship provided. Before choosing to exercise this right, parents should discuss their reasons with the Headteacher as the Governors consider the exercise of such a right to be incompatible with the parents’ stated choice of a Catholic education for their child. The Headteacher is required to make provision for pupils who are withdrawn and would seek to satisfy this responsibility by setting individual work as appropriate.