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Children are admitted at the beginning of the year in which they are five. All children are invited to start full time from the beginning of the Autumn Term. Those younger children who find full time attendance too tiring or challenging in the autumn may attend part-time with the agreement of the school and parents.

In the summer term prior to admittance at St Mary’s our Reception Class teacher and support assistant will visit the various Nursery Settings, in and around Malton, to talk to teachers and prospective pupils to ensure there is a smooth transition to our school.

Preparations for First Admittance

Pre-school preparation by parents plays a vital part in the smooth and settled transition between home and school. To this end parents are advised to discuss with the class teacher or the Headteacher what they can do to help their child in the months prior to starting.

Some of this is obvious: general tidiness, self-reliance in dressing, shoelace tying, ability to cope with toilet needs, ability to use cutlery at meal times. It is important that all clothing and footwear should be marked clearly with the child’s name.

There is an opportunity for new starters to visit the school one morning in the summer term and stay for a school lunch. This usually takes place in July. The Headteacher and Reception Class Teacher meet the parents of new starters in the Summer Term and answer any questions they may have.