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Core Curriculum

Children starting school work towards the agreed Early Years Foundation Stage Assessment Scales, which encompass Language and Mathematics Development, Knowledge and Understanding, and Physical, Creative and Emotional Development. Children in Key Stages 1 (Y1•Y2) and 2 (Y3-Y6) work to the National Curriculum. The core curriculum consists of RE, English, Maths, Science and ICT.

Religious Education

St Mary’s is a Roman Catholic School and the spiritual and moral growth of each child is of paramount importance. Religious Education is an essential element of our school. The whole ethos of St Mary’s is based in our Christian beliefs and in the extension of the children’s knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith. It is central to our work and play. RE is the underpinning element, our core, and we will continue to develop our knowledge and expertise in order to provide the best experiences for spiritual development of all pupils.

The school uses the Come and See scheme of work as a basis for RE lessons. Mass is celebrated several times a term in either Church or school and Holy Days during term time are observed in the Parish Church with the children leading the liturgy. Whole school assemblies, class masses, key stage collective worship and prayers contribute to the religious life of the school.


The school works from the Primary Framework, but we regard a sound basis in all aspects of English as essential for our pupils. Therefore, when implementing the Primary Framework, we ensure adequate provision is made for Speaking and Listening, Spelling, Handwriting and Extended Writing. We already achieve excellent English results and intend to maintain these.


The school follows the Primary Framework and believes in forming sound mathematical concepts which are developed by a mix of whole class teaching and ability group teaching. We aim to develop essential mathematical skills as well as an interest and enthusiasm for maths and problem solving.

Years 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 will be working on Singapore Maths. More information on Singapore Maths and parental help for the maths curriculum can be found at Maths No Problem. Follow the link here: Maths No Problem


Using a basis of scientific enquiry, a wide range of topics are covered in line with the National Curriculum. The topics are drawn from three areas: Life Processes and Living Things, Materials and their Properties, and Physical Processes.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

ICT offers pupils the opportunity to experience the electronic tools available for use in our society. Pupils gain a wide range of experience in using audio recorders, videos, digital cameras, interactive whiteboards and computers to support learning in all subject areas. Pupils also learn basic specific skills of word processing, data handling, spreadsheets and graphic presentation. The school works continually to improve and develop its ICT capability to ensure suitable access for all pupils.