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Health education

Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE) including Education for Sustainability

The school follows the guidance from the National Curriculum regarding PSHCE and draws on a variety of schemes and resources to ensure that our pupils develop a lively interest in their world and a sense of responsibility for their community.

Education for Personal Relationships (EPR)

Sex education is taught within the context of EPR as appropriate for the ages of our pupils. The school uses a scheme entitled ‘Journey In Love’ which involves parents in much of the discussion with their own children. The units usually take approximately a term and are usually completed in either the autumn or summer term. The school feels that this scheme provides an opportunity for parents to talk with children about families, individuals, responsibilities and the growth of new life within a secure context which is based on our faith. Children’s individual questions will be answered simply and honestly and the school would inform parents whenever it was felt to be advisable. Year 6 pupils also have an opportunity to watch a DVD about puberty. The school nurse comes in and talks about the DVD with the children. Parents will be informed and invited to school should they wish to attend.