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Other curricular areas

In addition to the Core Curriculum we believe that every child has a right to access the other curriculum subjects: History, Geography, PE, Music, Art, Design and Technology, Drama. These are taught in line with National Curriculum, using key skills, in order to achieve a broad and balanced curriculum.

An important aspect of our school curriculum is the opportunity for guest speakers to visit. These include Father Tim Bywater (Parish Priest), Musicians, Theatre Companies, Librarians, Fire Service, Police Service, NSPCC and NYBEP.

Children also participate in workshops and go out on educational visits. This academic year classes have visited Dalby Forest, Cruckley Farm, Driffield, Leeds Armouries York Theatre, Ryedale Folk Museum, York Railway Museum, Eureka, Countryside Day in Harrogate, Frankie and Bennie’s Restaurant and Toys R Us.

Additionally the pupils in Class 1, 2 and 3 are involved in swimming for 10 weeks in the summer term. Qualified swimming instructors teach the pupils.

The school also provides the opportunity for older children to experience residential outdoor pursuits at Robinwood, Alston and Todmorden, where qualified instructors teach the pupils. The school especially believes in the necessity of access to all areas of the Arts and Physical Education and a range of areas and experiences beyond the National Curriculum.

We try to develop children’s experiences further by inclusion of foreign language teaching. French is taught throughout KS2 with the emphasis on oral language and writing skills. Whenever possible staff use their particular areas of expertise and enthusiasm to extend children’s experiences. Staff also use a complete range of teaching techniques and methods to achieve the most effective form of education for all pupils.

Peripatetic music teachers provide instruction in brass, woodwind and guitar on a weekly basis. The cost of extra music lessons is the responsibility of the parent. The school choir regularly perform to a variety of audiences. Weekly practises ensure pupils are able to develop their musical talents.

A House System is organised within the school. The three houses are named Byland, Kirkham and Rievaulx after three local abbeys. Siblings within families are put in the same house group. The house system provides an incentive for good work, effort and achievement as well as an alternative way of organising pupils for special activities.

Every week a child from each Year Group receives the Star of the Week Award. This can be awarded for hard work, effort or achievement.

The school maintains close links with the various special services provided by the Local Authority – including the Library Service – and when necessary makes use of the remedial and welfare help and expertise available.

Older children participate in programmes organised by Scarborough Hospital and by the emergency services to gain a good understanding of how to deal with accidents and emergencies.