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Parents are reminded of the need to inform the school at the time of absence and when the child returns to school to send a note giving the reason for absence. Attendance records can then be completed appropriately. An unauthorised absence will be noted when the school is not at any time made aware of the reason for a pupil’s absence and when permission has not been granted for holiday leave. Requests for absence arising from a family holiday must be made prior to the holiday on the appropriate form (see Holiday in Term Time Policy). The Headteacher will view such requests individually and may or may not give permission for absence. Such requests must not, in any case, exceed 10 days in any academic year.

Number of pupils on roll in 2017-2018: 149

Rates of Authorised and Unauthorised Absence of Day Pupils Of Compulsory School Age in the School Year 2017-2018

Percentage of sessions (half days) missed through authorised absence: (to be confirmed)

Percentage of sessions (half days) missed through unauthorised absence: (to be confirmed)